Royal Deep Cardamom Best Kept Secret

You should never buy cardamom loose. That’s because the oil that holds all the aroma and flavour is volatile. And then the cardamom would be useless.

But did you know, for centuries, that was exactly how cardamom was sold – wholesale in bags or sacks and then sold loose by weight to retail customers. Nobody bothered to fix this, until Samex India decided to do something about it.

At first, Samex tried to minimize the evaporation by selling its cardamom in zip-lock pouches. Effective, but not entirely! So Samex, along with packaging industry experts came up with a fool proof solution. The result was the first-time-in-the-world packaging (for cardamom), which they named Aroma-Lock.

Today, the only way Royal Deep Cardamom is sold is in the innovative Aroma-Lock pack. It ensures that the plantation freshness is immediately sealed in, and then reaches you with the added security of special UV coated cartons. This protects the cardamoms from the harmful UV rays.


Never transfer The unique Aroma Lock Packs preserve the rich aroma of cardamoms till the very last pod. Freshness Sealed 100% Natural Premium Quality Because the Aroma-Lock pack has been engineered to ensure its contents are sealed absolutely air-tight. Every time you need to extract a few pods, simply open the Aroma-Lock mechanism, take out the pods you need, then immediately seal it again.

That way the stored cardamom stays aroma-heavy and flavour-rich for years to come.