The Magic of Cardamom

Cardamom is the Queen of Spices. Yet, this wonder spice does more than just add flavour to food and beverages. It also has excellent and multiple medicinal properties, is used in perfumes, is chewed as a mouth freshener and makes for a very thoughtful gift.

Think Cardamom , Think RoyalDeep

Tracking the journey of the world's best Cardamom

Royal Deep Cardamom is all about goodness. The cardamom in this pack helps alleviate a host of medical conditions and keep you in good health.


One Size doesn't fit all is true in the case of cardamom as well. Because of their multiple uses and benefits, cardamom pods of different applications. That is why Royal Deep Cardamom is graded by size. However the grading is never about quality. Whatever the size....

The quality remains the same -world class !

Khushiyon ka Shaahi Tohfa

Gift Your Loved Ones a Pack of Royal Deep Cardamom on Special Days


The world’s finest cardamom is handpicked from the lush green plantations of South India, and then graded and packed for you.

Doctor of Spices

Cardamom has amazing medicinal properties that make it Mother Nature’s own doctor. It is known to alleviate a host of symptoms and diseases. A fact that has been known since ancient times. Find out how cardamom can keep you and your family in the best of health…


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The World Best Cardamom

A treasure trove of aroma, flavour and health